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With the recent craze of cake and cupcake tv shows and the ability to get them easily from several shops online, there is still one dessert favorite that has been overlooked. Imagine finding homemade cookies online and having a chocolate chip cookie delivery service either bring them or ship them directly to you? Many of us are far from home or simply haven’t had warm, delicious cookies in a very long time. Most of us really just don’t have the time to worry about baking dozens of cookies for friends and family in a small kitchen. Well, let Sugar Rush Cupcakes change all of this for you while offering a gourmet cookie delivery option that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of our most popular and favorable requests would be the cookie baskets for delivery. Ask anyone you know if they have ever received a cookie basket delivery and the majority of people will say no. If you need a birthday cookie delivery or the much more sought after valentine cookie delivery, we are the ones to help you and promise an amazing experience for your loved one. Running out of time to prepare for the holidays? Well, that’s not uncommon. If you need to order Christmas cookies, we can handle you Christmas cookie delivery.  No matter the occasion, we can help you.


We can actually deliver to the following locations:

  • Newburgh, NY
  • Cornwall, NY
  • Goshen, NY
  • New Windsor, NY


…And more throughout Orange County NY and all of the Hudson Valley.


**Please Contact us for details on:

  • Delivery Options
  • Pricing
  • Flavors
  • Gift Options


Email: cupcakes@orangecountycake.org

Phone: (845) 243-0036


Thank you for helping make Sugar Rush Cupcakes the premier cookie delivery service in Orange County NY!



2 Dozen Cookies: $39

3 Dozen Cookies: $59

4 Dozen Cookies: $79


   *Please contact us for shipping costs.